Sunday, March 8, 2009

moments like yesterday make me happy knowing that really, there arent tooooo many people that read my blog. i wish american crafts *thickers* came with an automatic spell check!!! i have to admit, spelling is a weakness of mine,,, but i can say in all honesty, i *can* spell *GUILTY* without spell check. promise. sorry about that,, and thanks ladies for pointing that out to me!!! i was having a dyslexic moment,,, {p.s. ~ this story just got soooooo rad,,,,,} alright, so it turns out i really *cant* spell guilty,, but i cant erase what i already wrote because then this wouldnt be funny}. i fixed my title, took a picture. looks great!!! did my post,,, hit spell check,,, guess what i *CANT* spell!!!!! yep,, i {ahem} fixed it?!?!?! nope ~ ill fix my layout tomorrow {again} {remember im at the office right now} and re~take the picture and hopefully get this stupid word out of my way!!! poor daniel and sofia, i wont be able to help them with their spelling homework once they reach first grade!!! ahhh,,, i love calling myself out ~ and i love when *you* do toooooo!!!! funny, funny,,,,, yeah, got the letter fixed in a different, not correct way!!!!,,,,
moving right along,,,,, scrapmojo has their next challenge up ~ challenge number 31. the rules ~ straight from their blog ~
What would you do if you ruled the world? Would you sit on a throne and wear a crown? Would you make everyone walk backwards? Maybe it isn't this world at all...Maybe it is a made up world. We want to see a page telling us what you would do if you ruled the world. The second part of the challenge is to use stars. This challenge was inspired by many many things. I hope it inspires you to create something fabulous.
and here is my take,,,, *welcome to my world* where we all rock vintage inspired aprons * cat faces on out shoes and eat cupcakes like all day,,,,you know how i like to make a short story long,,,,, its what i do best!!!! alright, im gonna try the whole guilty layout approach again,,,, *wish me luck*!!!!
oh yeah, and the cupcakes we eat all day are funfeti cupcakes {ill make em} and calories dont count in my world!!!!


...leaving my legacy said...

you've so got some mojo! i hope you win this challenge the LO rocks!

Marit said...

This is great!

Lindsay said...

Very cool...I like the calories not counting, haha...thanks for playing! :)

-Lindsay (Mojo)

Michelle said...

Wow, what a fun page! I'm totally fine with eating cupcakes all day! Thanks for playing.

Michelle Scrap Mojo

TheresaK said...

This is so fun!!! Love all the bits on the layout!!!!!! Thanks for playing!
t~ scrap mojo


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