Wednesday, March 25, 2009

last weekend ~ well, actually not last weekend,,, but last, last weekend,, you know the weekend of the fourteenth?? anyway,,, i participated in the annual chairty event for scrapbook royalty at the boys and girls club in san marcos. as always ~ it was a blast!!! i got to kick it with some of my fav peps ~ jessica ~ krystie ~ gloria ~ toni ~ teri ~ good times!!!! here are a few pictures!!!
dude ~ krystie can cut a *mean* rug in her tutu!!! her dance moves were outta this world!!!! :-)so, you since i was the fairy god~mama {or something like that} i *helped* ~ didnt i k?? ;-D alright, alright so i guess i kinda sucked at being a fairy god~mama,,, sorryyyyy,,, :-D i knew i had to make up for my lack of being totally awesome and stuff so we did,,, we delivered waters matra gras ~ float at homecoming style,,,, totally rad!!! we took turns pulling each other on this card throwing waters at anybody and everybody that wanted some!!!! we even got a little flashy~flash action!!! i love krystie!!!!
this is so fun!!!!


euphoria said...

what a fun weekend that was! Thanks for taking me- I had a great time!

Looking forward to Friday!! :o)

Toni said...

It was fun to just hang out with yawl!! Love the look on my face, huh? Not so much!!! I take horrible pics ... but had to laugh because Krystie was gettin her whole rump shaker on right in front of me ,, LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am SO signing up for the next's violet..
xo xo

Anonymous said...

oh girl. this looks super fun!!! no fair...he he. :]

ally serrato said...

thanks ladies!! michelle ~ violet is good actually,,, my mom and i are doing a fifty/fifty thing,,, i think its gonna work!!!
too bad youre so far bekah!!
and jess ~ i always have fun with you girly!!!
toni ~ i totally take bad pictures toooooo!!! i hate it,,,, :-(


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