Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my next few days are gonna be filled with a lot of hanging out with this cute * little * baby * brother * sailor * dude of mine,,, glad he is here,,,,, :-D


euphoria said...

I know what you 2 need to do!!! Ninja style baby!

Toni said...

I know you were so excited to have him home for a bit!!! Have a blast hanging out!!!!

Emily said...

Oh Ally, he's really cute! How old is he? Is he single? Very cute! Have fun with him!!

Lauren Hampton said...

So what matching tats are you going to have when he's gone??

Mallory Phillipy said...

little brothers are the best!

ally serrato said...

Jessica - we are!!! Thursday!!! So excited - and nervous!!!
Toni - you're sooooo right!! We are gonna have so much fun!!!
Emily - you're such a doll!!! He is soooo cute - 18 years old and YES single!!!!! :-D
Lauren - we aren't getting matching ones,,,, he thinks we should get random, RANDOM tattoos so I'm out!!!!!
Mallory - you're sooooooo right!!!!
Thanks ladies

Anonymous said...

ok..can i introduce danika {my oldest to him}....he's a cutie.. :) :)hope you had a blast..

Emily said...

Well, tell him to visit St.Louis sometime! I'd love to get a look at his tat! I'm a fan of them...have two and getting two more this summer! Awesome!

ally serrato said...

michelle & emily ~ you two are so cuteeeeeee!!! he is pretty rad!!! emily ~ he was just in florida for the past few months,,, probably close to you!!! now he is headed to korea,,, bummer dude,,, :-D


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