Wednesday, March 18, 2009

so ive never done a tutorial here,,,, but what the heck ~ lets get er done!!! i wanted to show you how i created the rubber band back ground for my *finding nemo* layout i created for the scrap outside the box challenge.
start ~ rubber bands. i used some that i had at the house,, and of course theyre colored!!! thats how i roll baby!!!
i took my rubber bands and dipped them into my mod podge that i had poured out into a bowl that i used for all my paints and mod podging projects,,,,
the i placed them onto my paper. im using an 8 1/2 X 11 layout here. laying them out as i please, knowing that some {or most} WILL be covered by my photo or my papers,,, thats okay, i still cover the entire area as i please to make sure that mt photo doesnt lay crooked,,,, done with laying out the rubber bands,,, i let the mod podge dry for a bit,,,
once dry, i apply tattered angels glimmer mist, just to make it shine baby!!!
alright ~ alright the above {and below} photo kinda shows that *i* didnt wait till it was totally dry,,, but i recommend that you *do* wait for the mod podge to dry before applying glimmer mist. if worse comes to worse, mod podge *does* dry clear,,, right??
and there you have it!!! but again ~ i totally encourage you to check out what the
other design team girlys did with their rubber band layouts ~ totally rad!!!



Aphra said...

What a fun technique! And thanks for the tutorial example--as we all have to do one over at 52 Sketches.

...leaving my legacy said...

i luv how the rubberbands look like bubbles..appropriate for Nemo!

Elaine said...

WHOA! that's really really neat that you shared this! I love seeing the inside scoop on how girls put their layouts together. :]

Toni said...

Girlie ,,, you are so clever. I would have done something totally different (and more time consuming) to get them to stay down. Tricky, tricky!! And you are the Glimmer Mist Goddess!!

A Sweet Escape said...

How cool!! I'm loving this whole tutorial thing!! As always, your the coolest!!

euphoria said...

rad- I'm so gonna try this~!

Carrie said...

What a cool tutorial!!!...and the layout is Soooo CUTE!!! I absolutely love the photo in it:) You are genius!

Anonymous said...

ally where do you store/put/organize all your layouts....albums? please share

Julie Bonner said...

Love this - what a cool tutorial!!!

ally serrato said...

you all rock!! thank you,,, and i love youuu!!
as far as the question about storing the layouts,,, ill take pictures and do a post in a few days,,, i might just have to open up a open question session or something,,,, :-D


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