Thursday, March 19, 2009

a new challenge is up at punk rock scrappers,,, how are you unlucky?? me?? one word ~ vegas,,, just cant seem to find my luck there,,, alright, alright so im not totally hard core,, i probably lost less than a hundy ~ but still,,,, anyway, at least i was able to birth this rad layout ~ yes?? go play,,,, :-D oh and i used my dozens kit {yes ~ again}play ~ play ~ play ~ play ~ play ~ do it!!!! :-D
~*~*~side note~*~*~ so i got a comment yesterday asking me about where i store my layouts,,, fun!!! im gonna address that,, ill have to take pictures and do a post on the in itself,,, buttttt,,,, it kinda gave me the courage to start a little q&a session,,, maybe you wanna know something, i know i can gab about any and everything,,, but maybe *you* wanna know something that i havent mentioned yet,,, just a thought. i love doing those surveys that a lot of people hate getting in their email inbox. anyway,,, if you wanna ask a question ~ ask away,,, leave a comment or email me {},,, ill do answer these some time next week,,, good??? fun?? i think so!!! thanks!!!

1 comment:

euphoria said...

OMG- I totally just finished a LO last night and it has tulle on it like yours... now I'll look like an Ally Copy Cat!

Or it shows we both know how to rock a LO!? LOL

Lovin' the cherries on there!


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