Saturday, March 14, 2009

so this is kinda sad,, {for me} but im just putting it out there. weve got this little yorkie. a doll baby,,, she honestly is a neat little pooch,,, buuuttttt,,, we need to find a home for her. we live out here in the boones and im gone a lot. she cant spend the days outside {like i know she would love to} because of the wild life out here and you know,, the whole circle of life thing weve got going on,,, she spends time indoors and alone here and there and it kinda breaks my heart. i am throwing it out there to see if anybody would be interested in taking this little girly into their homes and hearts,,, she is a little over a year old, pure breed yorkie, about four pounds and amazing with people, dogs and especially children. my kids *adore* *violet* like crazy, crazy,, violet is amazing with them!!! she loves other dogs as well, but {obviously because of her size} cant play with big ol' dogs. anyway, if youd like more information please email me. ill wanna know a little bit about your situation as well because i want to find a *perfect* home for her,, she so deserves it!!! oh ~ shes on the right with the tilted head ~ my mom watched her when we were in vegas and took this picture,,, *perry* my moms dog is on the left,,, shes an old lady!!!! :-D thank you!!


Vicki said...

aww such cute dogs!!! have a good saturday xxx

Lauren Hampton said...

Ok, so you got me! We have been kinda looking for a little one to add to the family. Shocker, but not a little person, more a little doggish kind. Potty trained?
Call me in the morning. Cell after 10am.

Chance Pearson and Kacey Luvi said...

OMG Ally!! If I weren't getting married in 48 days, I would drive to Valley Center from Phoenix to come and get that girl!!! I wish I could have her!!! I've been dying to have a Yorkie, and I would literally die. My fiance would kill me. :)


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