Saturday, March 21, 2009

tah~dah!!!!! here is my take on the glorious pink challenge,,, the challenge is to use three different paper {lines} in your layout ~ *and* the layout must include greeeeen!!! you know because march isa a green month!!! i used doodle bug ~ bella blvd ~ pink paislee and ki memories {you know, because im a oner-upper} heee,,, you should totally play along,, if you dont live in the area you can still submit your layout via email or blog!!! oh yeah ~ my title *ally~g {kinda like kenny~g}*!!! silly us!!!take care!!!


Carrie said...

It all came together perfectly!...Great layout, and you girlies are so cute in yer boots!

Krystie said...

Hmmm... I kinda fancy "Boot Bitches", you little chicken s**t!! hahhaha. Sorry I have to miss your class tomorrow :( We have front row tickies to see Willie Wonka with the kiddos...oh yeah full scale production at the elementary school! ta ha. PLEASE leave me a kit, I signed up, and have Carrie or Brando do what ever stamping etc. that needs to be done that I won't be able to have access to at home. Thanks chica..xoxooxoxox K


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