Friday, March 20, 2009

im dying right about now,,, you know how i have mentioned several times that my laptop is sick??? well, it still is,,, seriously,,, *actually* i have to admit this i at least found out it isnt *sick* but just ran out of memory,,, {kinda sounds like *my* problem,,, outta memory},,, :-D anyway, cranking out layouts from the 52 sketches 52 weeks site,,, love ~ love ~ love!!! *birthday monkey* is inspired by sketch number ten,,, i used lots of sassafrass lass in this baby!!! love!!!i soooo badly want my laptop back ~ i have completed the latest sketch {number eleven} and i cant share!!! now this computer at the office isnt working with me,,, thankfully i had a few images already saved in this computer other wise i would not be posting anything inspiring!!! i have fun pictures from the charity crop i attended last weekend ~ scrapping at starbucks ~ my next months card class ~ *three little birds* layout class ~ glorious pink challenge ~ geeezzzz,,, this is killing meeeeee!!! alright ~ im done,,, have any questions for me yet???


euphoria said...

super cute LO (as always)...

I'm gonna get these questions started for ya:

1) how did you start scrapping?
2) what inspires you most?
3) if you could work/design for ANY company line, which one would it be and why?
4) When your not scrappin', what else do ya do?

Toni said...

Totally cute page!!

My question is:

When do you find time to work all this scrapping in?


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