Sunday, March 1, 2009

thanks for letting me vent yesterday. :-D
first challenge is up and waiting!!! check it. this one was a breeze,,, i was painters tape on anything and everything. i actually probably coulda used a layout i already had,, but i thought id just go ahead and create a new one. :-D

i switched it up from the way it was. just a bit. oddly enough, although i happen to love my handwriting,, i hate it on layouts. weird, but true. play along. :-D show us what cha got!!!

you like how i act like im actually posting right now??? i wouldnt want to give my little secret away, but the fact that it *appears* as though i have been updating my blog while in vegas isnt okay with me. im pretty sure i just got back to the hotel room and am sleeping {not updating my blog at 8:00 AM!!!!!}, but believe whatever makes you happy. i will be checking emails and blog comments via my trusty iphone. {loves} and getting back to you if need be :-)


Carrie said...

Great layout, Ally! Can't wait to see your pics from Vegas!

...leaving my legacy said...

congrats on making a design team. you're my scrappin' idol! xoxo

Tayllorr G! said...

aww love those layouts!

Beth Perry said...

CONGRATS, GIRL!!!!!!!!!! ON PUNK ROCKERS!! You totally deserve it. I will be keeping up with you and doing a challenge here and there! ;P

ally serrato said...

carrie, shelby, taylor and beth - thank you!!!! im so excited,, thanks for the rad comments!!!!


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