Saturday, February 28, 2009

*sigh*,,, im feeling a tad bit emotional right now. *good* emotions. grateful, really. grateful for *YOU* {truly ~ YOU}. i dont ever quite get into my personal life... sure ill mention a bit here,,, a bit there,,, but thats about it. i know ive said this before {and nobody believes me}, but i promise,, promise,,, promise i am a very shy person, {think about the first time we met},,, and if our paths have yet to cross,,, i promise i will be shy. im scared. scared of rejection. i also am very aware of my excitement and lack of the ability to contain it. i am an all or nothing kinda chick and if i think you might not be able to handle it, i refrain. on that same{ish} note you have no, No, NO, NO idea how much it means to me when *you* leave me a blog comment. i really appreciate it. it makes me soooo stinkin' happy. putting myself out *there* {wherever *there* might be} is an interesting thing, really. like the people that have *joined* my blog. *followed me* per say. i want to thank *you* so very much for showing me support. it might seem so silly to one, but think about it like this. a marathon. ive never ran in one, nor do i plan on it {like, ever}. but im thinking about the people in the crowd. cheering,,, screaming,, clapping. i never really thought that if one person joined in, it would make a difference. now i know it does. one comment or a few more, make my day. make me happy. everybody who wished me a congrats for making it on the design team ~ truly ~ thank you. THANK YOU. where was i?? oh,, the whole *follow* this blog. i hadnt added it to my side bar for fear that nobody would *follow* me. promise. i see others that have eight or twenty two or nine million {sorry, had to throw something sarcastic in,,, its getting waaay tooooo serious around here} and i was scared that i wouldnt have any. i finally got over that {because really, i did have three faithful followers from the get go}, but once i put it out there now i have twelve!! twelve!!! thats awesome. thank you ladies for *following* me. i appreciate that and i makes me wanna rock on harder just to keep you inspired,, {alright, alright its kinda cool to get a chuckle here and there too ~ gotta be honest here}. maybe a lil' ROFL action you know or how about you LMAO?? {inside joke},,, anyway,,, the whole sassafrass blog thing,,, sent me sailing over the moon. still on cloud nine. making a design team ~ sweet. to be completely honest, i havent {until lately} ever tried out for a design team. didnt want to find out that i hadnt made it. it would break my heart. when i want something, i put everything into achieving it,,, and i hate hearing no. i sooo badly wanted to try out for the hambly design team this past summer. i was gonna. then i totally lost my courage,, chickened out. making a design team is so rad to me and *you* have been there and showed me love, and for that im truly grateful. {if i ever won an oscar or an emmy they would for sure be playing the music,, like,, seven minutes ago, yes?? like,, "hey,, hey you,,, get the heck off the stage!!!!! we wanna see angelina jolie"}. anyway,, i kinda felt the need to express my gratitude for *you*. you freaking rock!!! thank *you*

on another side note {also adding to my emotions},, my baby brother graduated from *a* school today {navy}. top of his class. my eyes are filling up with pride {alright, alright,, maybe tears}as i type. he is eighteen years old and ready to take south korea head on. just like a man should. amazing. he makes me so happy. i am so happy and proud to be his big sissy and i cant wait to see him when he comes home {whenever that is}, but it will be very, very soon. we wanna get matching tattoos {dont worry mom we really wont ;-) }. mainly because he thinks ill wanna get mr clean or the monopoly guy tatted on my booty ~ ahem, noooo thank you baby brother!!! non the less, we are sure to have a blast hanging ten together. cant wait.
moving right along {and trying to break away from the emotions} i went to petco today to buy a new ball for our hamster {which my children cleverly named *mousie~mousie*}. well, i ended up with another hamster. meet rino {like from the movie bolt}. she {yes, she has a boys name, we know} is a roborivski hamster and tiny. she wont get any bigger than sofias two-year-old-fist. my hubby was a little surprised, but he actually got over it really quick, {thanks mom}. she is freaking adorable.nexxxxxxt,,,,
fresh highlights ~ CHECK
tanning booth over exposed skin ~ CHECK
new clothes ~ CHECK
lose one hundred pounds in ten minute crash diet ~ CHECK
new sim card for my camera ~ CHECK {times two}
good company ~ CHECK
cute boy to kiss at night ~ CHECK, CHECK
stoked ~ CHECK, CHECK, CHECK,,,
why, you ask?? welllll,,,, tonight {yep, tonight} we will be VIA LAS VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!!! hecccck yeah!!! vegas is my love. a piece of my heart resides in vegas. it makes me so happy and the mere thought that i will be there for the next couple of days makes me wanna do summer salts,, or cartwheels,, or russians,,, something. im stoked. oh, but dont worry, my bloggity blog will still update you with randomness. promise. you know how i roll.

alright, so you totally know that i love taking pictures of myself ~ yes?? well,,, what you dont know is i like to keep myself entertained,,, i like laughing at myself. i actually think that its really funny, because its true. i crack up at myself allll the time because im sooo lame. and i like it. i am, after all *my own favorite audience* {thank you dance hall crashers} {side note if you know and or listen to the dance hall crashers i just realized that i have a crush on *you*}. anyway,, making a short story long,,,, {which is what i do best} i take pictures of myself. right. i also take whats the word im searching for,,, hmmm,, honestly, i cant think of the proper, non-offensive word to describe what im trying to say. instead,,, see for yourself. this picture makes me laugh soooo hard. it does. i even shamelessly printed it the last time i went to ritz camera knowing that i will scrap this baby. what do you think??? *HI MOM*,,,and,,,again,,,THANK YOU. thank you for simply reading my blog, or leaving me comments, or for choosing to follow me. i appreciate *YOU*


quita said...

you not only have *followers*... you have STALKERS!!! :)~
have fun in vegas!
and, uhhhh, what's this crash diet where you can lose 100lbs?!?!?

A Sweet Escape said...

LOl!! love the photo of yourself!! I'm with her..i need the crash diet secret!!! I'm so excited for you that you are going to Vegas!! Party like a rock star!! Woo Woo!! You are such a sweetie!!! Loves lots!!

Mom said...

Ally--Oh my word, that was such a special blog today, I definitely had some tears. You are so entertaining and I love to read your thoughts (a blog is such a good way to do that). I look forward to what you have to say every morning at 8:00 a.m., that's how I start my day with xoxo,ally. I'm happy you and Cardo are taking a few days to get away, it would totally be cliche to say "have a good time," I don't have to remind you to do that, it comes naturally with you. Enjoy your time away, be safe.
Love you, Mom

Cierra Buchwald said...

aaahh! your mom just made me cry!

The Ramirez Review said...

You are just too cute and funny!!!

Cindy said...

Love you Ally.....You are so talented and always willing to share! Never make me feel stupid and you are just Cool.....

Cassi said...

I catch up on your blog every week and love every crazy post! Congrats on the design team news - you deserve it!

ally serrato said...

thank you ladies for the sweet comments. im so grateful. :-)


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