Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hi. hey, remember when i said i was gonna do 365 layouts this year?? have you been playing along?? i wanted to point out the counter i have in my side margin------> to the right. its a running total so you can follow along. jennifer gave me the idea :-D thanks jennifer!!! here is a recent fav. i busted out the sewing machine and stitched those ribbons onto the layout. i love the look and yes, im not scared to,,,
a} put a picture of my son on a pink layout {mainly because of his board shorts} and mainly because he is manly enough to rock pink!! ;-D

b} put flowers on the page as well
it doesnt bother me,,, should it??
did you make yourself a similar goal?? how are you doing on it??


euphoria said...

love it- as always!!

Thought of you when I saw this today...

ally serrato said...

Thanks Jess and that link is awesome!!!! I might have to make a little purchase :-). I adore etsy!!!! {xoxo}

sarah said...

that's a ton of layouts! good luck with that! hehe.

i don't think i could come out with that many... maybe i'll try to catch up with this one! hehe.

i'll keep you posted.


ally serrato said...

Sarah - you gotta do it!!!! It's soooooo fun!!!! :-)

Jennifer Priest said...

Glad to have inspired you!! How are you doing? I am mega behind....


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