Thursday, March 5, 2009

vegas was rad. mainly because it started out with an email at 12: somethin' somethin' in the am saying that i am now officially a punk rock scrapper!!!! heck yeah!!! im sooooooo freakin' stoked!!! i wanted this so bad!!!! the first challenge is up and waiting for you!!! go rock it!! im so excited to be a part of this team and cant wait to rock out all of these rad challenges!!! ill put some pictures of vegas up soon,,,,
oh yeah, the tunic with the brass knuckles is from here,,,,,


A Sweet Escape said...

you are on a roll girly!! awesome!! are you trying out for pinks design team as well??

Carrie said...

Ally that is so rad!!! You are going to ROCK IT!

Lauren Hampton said...

I told you it was meant for you and you were meant for it!! Congrats my friend!!!

ally serrato said...

you girlys rock!!!! thanks for the support!!!

Jennifer Priest said...


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