Monday, March 9, 2009

vegas was a ton of fun. we were in great company and didnt party too hard to make the boys {*our* boys} cry,,, bree is one of our best friends girlyfriend and i adore her like crazy. she is so rad and we have a ton of fun together!! this chick actually might take more pictures than i do. thats saying like A LOT!!! not to mention,, shes all about taking picture of herself too,,, we did it the whole time!!! she has a rad picture of me, taking a picture of myself {i know, i know far fetched} and then ricardo right next to me on his cell phone. so typical. if we werent married already that would so be our engagement photo. its perfect. we saw two shows. zumanity and mystere. both ~ amazing for totally different reasons. zumanity was a trip ~ we were very front and center ~ therefore were required to participate in a few different parts of the show. funny,, and totally embarrassing,,, matt got pulled up on stage,, better him than me,,, anyway, great trip, could have used just one more day to live the life,,, but coming home to my children was even better!!!!i do adore vegas!!! and i aodre *you* too of course,,,,
oh,,, ill fix my stupid *guilty* layout and post it,,, tomorrow {maybe} :-D


A Sweet Escape said...

You look so pretty in all your pics!!

euphoria said...

looks like fun!! I'm loving all your cute dresses... you look so pretty!!


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