Friday, April 24, 2009

class information for may,,, i am actually taking a {much needed} *one month* break from my *get er done* series. *so sorry*, but it has to be done. i am following through with my ever~so~popular card class and here are the samples,,, class sunday 17 may @ 1:00 at pink pineapple and costs $22.00,,, do you see the mushroom card?? hi cutie~pie card!!!! :-D


Toni said...

As long as you aren't taking a break from Pink ,,, it's all good in the neighborhood!!!

Cute cards, too!!!


A Sweet Escape said...

i think these are my most favoritest of them all!!! they are so cute!!

Euphoria said...

You've been busy haven't you? Breaks are good!

C ya 2nite for some good times!

Denise &; Griff said...

hey, Hey, HEY, Chelsea and I will be there. Looks like a fun time!


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