Tuesday, April 7, 2009

finally ~ a moment to answer the fun questions i got from you!!!! for starters,,, i got a question asking to share where i store my layouts,,,, i waited a bit for this one hoping that i could give better pictures, but seeing as thought my newest piece of furniture isnt up and stocked yet,,, i gotta *wing* it,,, those of you whom have followed this blog for them very beginning ~ first off *thank YOU* second, bits of this might bring you a tad bit of deja vu from my early 7 march 2008 post ~ my ode to the mini,,,, although now that im back in action rocking out layouts ~ this is simply an updated version,,,, alright, so in my *perfect* world, i would have an album for my punk rock scrappers design team layouts, one for my scrap outside the box design team layouts, 52 sketches 52 weeks,,, and so on,,, you get it right?? well, i kinda *do* do that,,,, i keep my classes from pink pineapple in the same album. i like the *feel* to be consistent in each album. get it?? do you do that too,,, or am i nuts?? i have my layout albums from when i first started scrapping,,, as you can see the dude has got a ton of layouts ~ the girl baby ~ not so much. once i had sofia i fell in love with mini albums and took off from there,,,, the charcoal is *family* yes ~ theyre full,,,,a picture from the inside of my pink pineapple class album. the outside {which i didnt photograph ~ sorry} in ~ PINK!!!!i have a few of the american crafts corduroy albums. some 8 1/2X11 some 12X12. these albums are my fav as of late. super easy to add refill pages to. i have one for my *youer than you* collection, one for my baby brothers navy layouts ive been creating and one for a combo of my punk rock scrappers layouts, effer dares layouts, scrap outside the box layouts. i plan on purchasing more albums so that each *group* has their own album, as of now, they are grouped by challenge blog. :-D
mini albums ~ i store here and there. i have an entry way table that has this cute little bird cage which houses a few minis,,, i also have a few treasure chests that contain more of my minis. its like a treasure chest full of memories and i love it!!! oh ~ and there are totally a few that are stacked up on my desk. they havent found a home yet.... i think i need a
scrapmojo album. :-D
jessica had a few questions for me,,, and since i love it ~ ill move right along to hers,,,
1} how did you start scrapping??
well, like *most* of us, i got invited to a creative memories party. didnt know much about scrapping, had a six weeks old baby boy and thought it sounded like fun. i was truly, truly inspired and wanted to dive right in, but daniel didnt let me put him down for long enough to *shop*, *play* whatever,,, i day dreamt about scrapbooking and eventually made it to a scrapbook store and started by taking card classes. i was pregnant with sofia when i really, really started scrapping. i love it,, i always say that i wish i had started sooner,,, i really, really do!!!! oh ~ i just thought of this,,, i shoulda taken pictures of my early layouts too,,, didnt even think of it till now,,, that would have been kinda funny,,,,
2} what inspires you most??
people, music, photos and challenges.
people like
elise {i know that you knew that i was gonna say that :-) }
and more people like carrie. :-D totally inspiring. 3} if you could work/design for ANY company line, which one would it be and why??
geezz,,,, jess ~ this is a good one. like design team?? im gonna pick three.
sassafrass lass ~ my favorite line, each and every cha. my favorite ~ favorite,,,,
prima ~ because i love everything they have to embellish ~ i use prima on everything and their papers are getting better and better and more and more amazing after each cha release.
hambly ~ its always been my staple. always. it adds such a different element to each and every creation.
4} When your not scrappin', what else do ya do??
another good one. i chase two crazy monkeys that call me mama :-D. i love to work out ~ love it!! i have never been much of a home body. i love disneyland, the wild animal park, sea world the zoo,,, everything. if i want to stay local ill take the kiddos to bates nut farm. its a local joint here in VC and we feed the goats, sheep and geese. ill often bring apples to feed to the mini horses so they arent left out because they cant eat the corn. i love shopping and i love, love pink pineapple. like crazy, i love them!!! :-D i like to take my kids to the duck pond in temec and we also have some fun neighbors that have a wild collection of animals that the kids and i will go visit as often as we can with out wearing out our welcome. whatever it is, i love to do stuff outside, but i like to keep busy. i cant go outside and *sit*. i cant go back inside and sit either for that matter,,,, i always go, go, go,,,, always have been that way,,,, oh, and i loooove cooking. always up for some new recipes if you have any ~ share!!!
alright ~ finally missy toni.
When do you find time to work all this scrapping in?
heee,,, :-D my mother in law and my mom help out with the kids. before this past friday {my mother in law left this last friday for a coast to coast bike ride}, but before that shed watch the kids for me at least one day a week. that day i would scrap!!! my mom helps me with the children when i need her too. in between the grandmas, ill also scrap at home. i often have my children help out. they cut the paper for me, count buttons or sit with me at the kitchen table. while i scrap, they put together puzzles. its a great system and we have so much fun together!! they kids love it ~ and to be completely honest, i love it too!!! i do.
this was so much fun!!!! i love it, and i love YOU!!! thank you!! :-D did i miss anything??~peace~


A Sweet Escape said...

I love this whole question and answer thing...pretty cool!!! aaannndd....CONGRATULATIONS!!...got an e-mail from the PINK stating that you are a member of their design team!! Way to go Miss Ally!! awesome!!

Toni said...

Loved all your answers girlie. I never knew you had so much love for Elsie ,,, bwuaahaha ,,, yeah right!! Does the Elsie flair ring a bell?? LOL!! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!!


MOM said...

Allyson--I loved your blog today, es nice and cheerful. I'd love to go though your bluedude, pinkgirlbaby and family scrapbook and get some pictures--I really and truly need D&S pictures. I'll be back...
Love, Mom

euphoria said...

Super cool post! LOVED IT! I especially like the hot dog on the table next to the puzzles!

You rock Ally!

Lindsay said...

Such a fun post, Ally! Love seeing a little sneak peek into your scrappy world at home - so many albums! Love your work - you are too much fun!!!!! :)

Patti said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog =) I love stopping by your blog and seein' whats up in Ally world ;) I really do love the 52 sketches site, I think it is super cool and offers a lot of inspiration. Congrats for being on their design team!!

Emily said...

Ally, you really do rock. Thanks for posting this info on what you do with everything, and letting us get to know you better!

I have to say, I am an avid fan and follower of yours...

Thanks for the inspiration!



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