Monday, April 6, 2009

its that time again,,,, 52 sketches 52 weeks latest sketch is up and waiting,,, for you!!! sketch number fourteen,,,, here is the sketch,,,, followed by my take ~ *backyard babe* have a rad week ~ its just the beginning,,,, :-D


Aphra said...

Holy cow, those gnome pebbles are a hoot....I didn't really notice them at 52. Awesome layout!

A Sweet Escape said...

those pebbles are super rad!! Your pages are always the coolest!!

euphoria said...

super cute... love those photos!

cutie gnomes too!

Anonymous said...

ooooh girl! That layout is absolutely divine!!!

<3 B

ally serrato said...

thanks so much ladies!!!

Patti said...

Ally, Thanks so much for the mention of this site, I went over there and am totally intrigued by the site. Love this layout, those gnome pebbles are priceless.


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