Monday, April 27, 2009

wow ~ what a packed weekend with a packed card class to tie a big *pink* bow around it all in the end!!! thanks you ladies ~ those who make it to every {or at least *almost* every} card class and to those of you whom i just met ~ *thank you* and thank you pink pineapple!!! *love* ~ *love* ~ *love* ~ love this mother daughter combo ~ always bring some real life to the group ~ glad you guys made it denise!!! :-Dokay so after my back~to~back classes ~ which were so fun, i swear pink brings in the coolest peps to take classes ~ their class always rock ~ anyway, i can home, gave the pups some water and look what i found,,, check out the size of the *ahem* butterfly {???} alright ~ alright you got me ~ moth, but beautiful non the less,,, just to size it up ~ this moth is next to the foot of my six year rottweiler,,, big daddy ~ right?? i had to share a few the photos from my photo shoot with the moth,,, simply beautiful,,, "hey nely are these good landscape photos???" :-D
ahhhh,,, today, im gonna relax allllll day,,,,, or maybe take my the kids to the wild animal park,,, hmmm,,, :-D



Emily said...

Looks like fun! That moth was HUGE!!! holy cow!

Have a great one Ally!

Toni said...

Those huge moths are always so cool to see.

Was good to see you on Sunday!! Thanks for staying while I closed up!

A Sweet Escape said...

Those are like the most awesome "landscape" pics...the moth, total nature!..LOL!! seriously though..that moth is awesome!!! really pretty!!!

Euphoria said...

rad moth- so so so pretty! Totally great landscape shots!


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