Saturday, May 30, 2009

i wanna check in with you all and give you a quick update on the status of mine and nelys new inspiration blog,,,, the pink ninjas,,, we are still in the first half of week one and nely and i are besides ourselves. personally, i am so excited by all the interest in our design team as well as all the talent!!! holy moley, i know nely and i really, really have our work cut out for us!!! geezzzzz,, but its totally fun, and totally gonna rock!!! thank you all for the support and interest. its gonna be fun. promise. with that said, i have to let you all know that nely and i got together yesterday at out favorite store and shared idea and have inspiration concepts clear through august!!! yep, its gonna be great!!! i want to encourage you to try out for the design team because these ideas are great fun with a little edge to em,,, we love it like that!!! oh ~ on a totally side note ~ really quick before i forget,,, pink pineapple got in a whole lotta thickers yesterday,,, nely, carrie and i pretty much bought one of each that came in,,, who doesnt love thickers like crazy!!! anyway, where was i,,, yes. thank you!! dont forget to follow us and dont be scared to try out for the design team!!! have a great weekend!!


Dawn said...

Truly... I have a thickers fetish! Heading to go check out the Ninjas!!!

Toni said...

Yummm ,, saw all those Thickers yesterday ,, love them!!!!

ally serrato said...

yay dawn!!!!!
right toni??
thanks for the comments ladies!!!


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