Friday, May 29, 2009

i was over on the dream girls challenge blog and totally inspired by this challenge,,, for starters the colors ~ they are totally *my* colors secondly ~ i likey the dream!!! my dream?? {dont tell my hubby} a teeny, tiny little vaca ~ solo me-o,,, ahhhh,,, sounds great ~ right?? {dont judge} ;-D please dont forget our on~going quest for a design team over at the pink ninjas inspiration blog!!!



Maggi said...

I love it, those flowers are perfect and what a great dream! lol

Cierra Buchwald said...

wouldn't it be nice!! love it!

Toni said...

Ummm ,, Yeah ,,, that page effin totally rocks!! Girl ,, you have got mad skills!!!!

Krystie said...

I have TOTALLY wanted to take a solo vacation....and I mean SOLO....where i do WHATEVER i want, read, nap, etc....sigh.

A Sweet Escape said...

I love your page!!! You are one super rad talented chicky...i have always been in love with your stuff and i feel so special to be doing a challenge blog with you!! You rock!! and you totally deserve solo vacation!!!

ally serrato said...

maggi ~ thank you!!!
cierra ~ totally right??? maybe we wouldnt ever come home!!! nahh,,,
toni ~ thank you for always, always having something different and encouraging to say ;-D
krystie ~ yup, you got it ~ whatevs mama wants,,, anything!!!
nely ~ thank you, i feel like i do need a vaca solo me-o,, i guess between you and i that makes two of us,, ;-D
thanks ladies


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