Friday, May 22, 2009

im a big fan or art. i am still kicking myself from a few weekends ago when i was in new orleans and i didnt pick up an original from any of the local artists. their talent there was brilliant, beautiful and truly unique. each piece of each collection a reflection and expression of exactly what the artist was feeling in the very moment their brush hit that canvas,,, i love it. i have attempted to create a few pieces of art myself, but i gotta admit, im not very good. at all. anyway, i thought it would be fun to share with you a few pieces of art i have around my home,,, the pieces that really make me happy. :-D
these two babies were created my *my* two babies, and they make me very happy. daniel and sofia truly feel as though they, themselves are *true* artists. that makes me happy.and its no secret that im a big fan of miss elsie,,, i collect as many of her originals as my husband allows. one day i will re-create this, and its gonna be amazing,,,,
i *adore* aceo cards. there were more added to the
red velvet shop last night ~ and this is how mine hang around my pad,,,, i mounted them onto fuchsia felt and framed them and they are very happy to be where they are, {yes, they said so}
and sofias bedroom consists of art work {prints} from the black apple. hubbs and i agree that these girls actually kinda look like out little lady,,, :-D
and thats about it,,, for now,,, i have a really fun project coming up,,, and i really, really, really, want YOU to be a part of it,,, yep,,, YOU!!!! cant wait to share more!!!!! oh, and *yes* my internet is down still,,, i feel really bad for not participating very much in the 52 sketches 52 weeks group, {im using computers where i can} and my images for those sketches are home,,, {yuck},,, gotta love country living,,,,
ohhh,, annnndddd can i get a *heck yeah* on our new american idol?? i know adam rocked, but kris was amazing to me,,, so glad he won ;-D {dont bash me if you feel differently, we all have our own opinion,,,,} ;-D
oh ~ something else, else,,,, i had two kits left in my etsy shop {paper and embellishments packs} they are getting ready to expire, so i slashed the price in half,,, just in case youre interested,,,,
okay, im going now,,, for real, for real,,,, ;-D


Toni said...

Mmmmmm ,,, Elsieeeeee..... Good schtuff my friend!!! Me likey!!!

Euphoria said...

holy moly- how many paintings do you have?!? RVA had some rad new ones!

Kris Allen kicks @ss~

ally serrato said...

Toni - I miss you - thank you for sending my blog love each and every morning, you so totally rock!!!!
Jess - dude - THANK you - I'm dying about all this American idol upset - seriously - how could anybody try to take kris' title away, the sweetest guy, like ever, right??? I loved your American idol party, I'll leave you a comment as soon as my Internet is back up {so like next year some time},,,,, did you love karas song with bikini babe??? I loved it!!!! I bet julia did toooooooo!!!!! have a good weekend ladies :-D


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