Saturday, May 23, 2009

hello ~ miss me?? did you think i wasnt coming today?? naahhhh,,, i *do* have to correct a lil something, something,,, i had mentioned that im going to be sharing a project that i want you to be a part of first thing monday morning, i totally forgot that moday is memorial day ~ and also my little dudes forth birthday {holy moley},,,, i will let you all in first thing tuesday morning,,, i know there are several of you that blog while on the clock {smart ladies ~ i mean, i totally wish i could get paid to blog hop}, anyway, i gotta make this fair for everybody,,, so first thing *tuesday*, fun, exciting news!!!!,,, moving right along,,, im not gonna mention it,,, but {yep ~ internet ~ down} okay, thats it, no more complaining,,,,
im crazy about aceo cards as of late. atc cards too actually,,, but aceo cards are so rad. i did pick up a few from the red velvet update this past tuesday, but purchasing those has inspired me to search for more,,, some on etsy. i like these,,,,
isnt she pretty?? i found her here,,,,
this one is super fun to me, kinda sweet, kinda gangsta,,, found it here,,,,
a kinda cool, kinda haunting collection i found
she is rad
and of course i love
her aceo cards the very most!!! these top two from here, the bottom one from here, and i gotta admit, i have no idea who that band is {maybe its an artist}, but it sure makes for a cute little piece of art,,, if you ask me ;-D take care today!!!!


Emily said...

LOVE these! And of course I see some elsie in there!! Totally rockin'!

Emily said...

Oh, and happy birthday to your little boy!

Toni said...

I think I need an explanation of what an aceo card is ,, LOL. I do love, love, love the ones from Elsie ,, so effing cute!!!!

ally serrato said...

thank you emily!!!! youre such a rock star girl!!!
toni ~ are you reasing meeeee???

Becky said...

You're really cute - you have me laughing at my desk at work :) I love all your picks!


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