Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wanna hear something really, really, really, really, really exciting?!?!?! one of my favorite people in the whole wide world and i put our noggins together and have created an inspiration blog ~ a fun, excited, new, crazy, bright inspiration blog!!!! nely and i are sooooo excited to share this with you all!!!! and we need you!!! nely and i want,,, correction NEEED you to help us!!! for starters, we need a *design team* so to speak,,, we need a rad group of chicks to play with us each and every week as we inspire others with our fun concepts,,,, now mind you, this is an inspiration blog,,, not a challenge blog. we arent going to be giving deadlines for the inspirations and therefore we arent going to be giving prizes ~ however if you are a designer, we will have deadlines, so our concepts go up all together ~ like a happy family!!! we want to inspire you as a designer or as a playa!!! we do, however totally wanna see what we have inspired you to create {should you only be playing along},,, meaning leave us comments on the blog and we can check out what you came up with. that way we can tell you nice things ;-D,,,, if you arent interested in playing along with us every week as a *design team* member, we would like you to talk about us,,, say nice things please ;-D,,, grab our logo ~ add it to your column with a link,,, become a follower,,, do it all ~ we likey!!! this is something that is so new to nely and i and although we are beyond excited, we are a teeny bit shy,,, we want this to be fun and inspiring so any sort of encouragement is rad for us ~ and totally appreciated!!!!! and im totally blabbing over here on my blog when really you should check out the pink ninjas for yourself,,,, {p.s.} please email us at thepinkninjas{at}aol{dot}com by friday the 5th of june if youd like to be a design team member,,, now goooooooo,,, check it ~ tell us what you think,,,,

i do have to admit, a lot of this excitement is to replace that of what punk rock scrappers gave me,,, and when it went down, or away, or wherever it went,,, i was totally sad,,, i wanted it back. this is to fill that random, edgy scrapbooking void that i felt after the punk rock scrappers bit the dust,,,, i hope you likey, and i totally hope you join us over there,,,, :-D thank you for your support!!! i cant wait to see how this turns out!!! i love you alllllllll!!!! cheers nely!!!



Maggi said...

Wowowowowowow, best name for an inspiration blog ever! I love pink and I love ninjas! lol Off to check out the blog!

Toni said...

OK ,, you two girls freakin rock!!!!!!!! I can't wait to check this out!!!!

Cierra Buchwald said...

Ally! This is so awesome! i will totally be following! and passing it along!

SCS said...

Oooooh, oooooh, count me in for checking your blog out daily and saying postive things, I want to be an observer, and I can't wait to get started. I love the concept of an inspirational blog.

Anonymous said...

how fun! you go girl!! I'm def. going to have to check it out in a minute!!!

<3 B

Euphoria said...

Pink Ninjas rock- great idea girls!!!

Emily said...

Should have known another blog from you would have the name Ninja in it!!! Great!

Krystie said...

Pink meet Pineapple. Pineapple meet Ninja. Pink Pineapple meet Pink Ninja. awwww, I think they're in love.....

ally serrato said...

maggi ~ im so glad you agree ~ we knew we had to be 1)PINK and 2)NINJAS ~ it had to be that way!!!
toni ~ thank you!! you always hook up the support ~ loves it ~ thank you!!!
cierra ~ yay!! thank you ~ tell everybody with ears {and eyes} :-D
SCS ~ i love youuuuuuuu!!!
bekah ~ thank you ~ yes check it ~ know it ~ love it!!! ha!! :-D
jess ~ thank you ~ thank you!!! you too spread the word girly!! :-D
emily ~ see,,, always so sweet and encouraging and nice!!! thank you {again, and again and again},,, :-D
krystie ~ yes ~ they love each other. like a lot. its perfect!! why is being pink so much fun!?!?!? :-D
love you alllllll!!!

Cathy said...

thats an awesome name


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