Tuesday, May 26, 2009

so here it is ~ tuesday morning and i have a very exciting offer for you,,,, how amazing would it be to participate in a nation wide project?? since i am so into atc cards these days, i wanna ask you to join me in a nation wide atc swap. want tooooo?? fun ~ right?? and thats it,,, i am going to take a total of twelve people to take place in this swap. i will be number one {or number twelve ~ whatever works} so that will make room for the first eleven people that wanna participate in this. its gonna be so amazing and fun and i totally cant even wait!!!! email me at xoxoallyserrato {at} aol {dot} com. which i will say, again, if you ever email me, i always, always respond, that how i roll. if you dont hear back from me, then that means that you need to check your spam folder ~ on the same note, if you leave me a blog comment asking a question, i will respond in that same comment section {meaning that you will need to *subscribe to this blogs feed* for that particular question} just so you know. i never want any of you to think that i havent taken the time to respond,,,, {side note} so here it is ~ a nation wide atc swap ~ gonna be amazing, and i cant wait to get things rolling,,,, once you email me, i will let you know if you made it on time {for starters} and the theme of the atc swap and how things will work. if i dont get eleven people, i will close it off on the third of june with as many people as we have!!! if all goes well, i will do this again,,, and maybe again,,,, :-D cant wait to hear from you,,, oh ~ and if you thought this was exciting,, check back again tomorrow for more really, really, really exciting news!!!!!


Euphoria said...

YAY- me, please, me!

thanks for organizing something like this... it'll be a fun!

Anonymous said...

i want to participate too!!!

<3 B

Denise &; Griff said...

Silly me...but what is an ATC?

Anonymous said...

yesum, i'd like to swap-can you believe i've never done it before??? but when do i have to have them done and how many is the only question??? i'm getting ready to move next week south of deeee booorder...i'll be back the end of june so i could mail them out (mexico mail is so slow!)
abrazos y besos (hugs and kisses) fellow ninja,

ally serrato said...

jess ~ totally ~ cant wait!!!
bekah ~ youre in!! thank you!!!
denise ~ atc card ~ artist trading card,, a tink piece of art or in this case a tiny itty bitty scrapbook piece ~ altered art,,, really fun ~ rad to collect!!!!
ninja danielle ~ heck yes ~ we will totally work it out one way or another!!!
once we get all twelve of us together ill send out an email with all the details!!! this is gonna be rad!!!

Toni said...

OK ,, so ATC is Artist Trading Card... what size are they? I know ,, I know, Ally ,, I'm a tard ,, LOL!!!! But ya still love me ,, right? bwuahahaha

Krystie said...

I want IN!

ally serrato said...

nice ~ alright ladies ~ getting close!!! thank you all!! this is gonna be funnnnnn!!!


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