Tuesday, June 2, 2009

allow me to introduce you to some girlys that will be joining me {hopefully soon},,,, purchased here,,,, her name is millie ~ i liked her because she has blonde hair ~ you know like meeeee!!!this is lulu ~ isnt her hair to die for?? i want hair that big ~ and i wanna look that good rocking it!!
lucy ~ shes so sweet ~ kinda girl next door{ish} i like that!!!
elsie ~ duh ~ totally had to have the elsie ~ even if she had black eyes and big fangs with a weird vampire coat ~ id have to have her ~ thankfully she doesnt ~ shes just cute :-Dand myyyyy personal ~ had to have ~ ally {alright elsie put her name as *allie* ~ but i think she really meant *ally* ~ like me},,, perfect ~ shes blonde!!! cant wait for my package to arrive,,, i swear it takes forever for those goodies to get out here to cali ~ hmmm,,, cant wait!!!
i have been stalking this etsy shop a lot as of late,,, she updates it often, but i havent seen any new aceos ~ my new obsession ~ tiny pieces of art,,, i like this guy ~ but hes a 6X4 ~ im not there yet,,, needs to be smaller :-D
oh ~ did anybody win anything from the
blog party yesterday?? tell me ~ tell me ~ tell me ~ make me jealous!!! i wanted to win something sooooo bad!!!! oh ~ and although we havent picked our design team yet,,, tomorrow nely and i will be sharing personal inspirations to get the party started!!! check out the pink ninjas manana,,,, mark it down ~ wednesday is the day if the pink ninja!!!


Euphoria said...

Lulu is my FAVORITE!! She is too darn cute!!!

How small are these cards?

ally serrato said...

about 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 {i think}

Maggi said...

Those are so cute, you scored! Can't wait to see what the Pink Ninjas have in store!


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