Monday, June 1, 2009

alright ladies ~ i know, i know ive had like a ton to talk about these days,,, but i wanted to give you another reminder about the nation wide atc swap im hosting!! right now we have plenty for a rad group and an amazing swap, but there is room for a couple more,,, lemme know if youre interested and we can get things rolling on that!!! once i have my group together, i will send out an email to everybody explaining the rules :-D its gonna be great!! i will also have a few *themes* that we will all vote on,,, that way we can all have a say in the project,,, these images {below} were totally stolen, like from the internet somewhere,,, flickr,,, google images,, whatevs,,, anyway here {again} is my email address if youd like to be a part of it :-D xoxoallyserrato{at}aol{dot}com. i hope you had a great weekend!!! hope to hear from you soooooon!!oh, this is just a rad atc i found from an {im assuming} up and coming artist,,, too cute not to share,,, i love when the little ones get right all up in there too!!!


Sandy said...

I would LOVE to get on board.... I'm in Canada though - is that okay?

Anonymous said...

I just left you a comment and here is a brand new one for me to comment on-so much eye candy-I'm drooling!

Maggi said...

Those are awesome ATCs! I wish mine were even close to being that good, more practice needed for sure! lol

Anonymous said...

he he love the ATCs!


<3 B

ally serrato said...

sandy ~ yes ~ email me and i will give more of the details on international atc swapping action!! fun!!!
xoxoally {at} aol {dot} com
danielle ~ be safe girly!! have a safe trip!!!
maggi ~ ha!! well, you have got to play along for the next atc swap ~ promise?!?!!? :-D or you can still join us,,,, :-D
bekah ~ hey did you win over on elsies blogggg?? glad youre gonna be playing along!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey love! Yes I totally did win!!! I'm so super excited because i never win anything. eek!


ally serrato said...

thats so rad!! congrats bekah!!!

ally serrato said...

bekah ~ i need your email addy ~ i thought i had the right one from scrap outside the box, but the email came back to me!!!


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