Sunday, August 30, 2009

because its been so wicked hot out as of late, more than ever, im soooo ready to say peace out the this awful season known as summer,,, at one point in my life known as my favorite season, but not anymore,,, things like elsies aceos for the up and coming fall season give me hope that its not too far off,,, really, summer will be here again,,, as soon as i blink,,, but for now,,, sweet dreams of halloween and fall time keep me a tad bit cooler in the evenings,,, love these girls,,, and since my dude started school this past thursday, gotta love the back to school beauties,,,

love you, love ally*son


icandy... said...

Love these girls, and I totally agree with you....PEACE OUT, summer heat! I think the older I get, the less tolerance I have for sweating my ass off!!! I used to LOVE summer~ not so much anymore... don't get me wrong, everything associated with it rocks, but the hot....NO WAY!
Christina XoOXXO

ally serrato said...

right there with you sista ~ used to love it, but yeah,,, enough is enough,,, take care girly!! stay cool!!

Heidi said...

I love these pics! I love how the illustrating is so subtle...with just barely an offset, she's looking off to her right. LOVE that ghostie one. Yep, fall is my fav season for sure. The beginning of the busy holiday & birthday season (which in my mind, starts this weekend every's just one bday and holiday after another until the beginning of March).

And, Ally, I STILL can't believe you used my suggestion for your class name! That's hilarious!! {hugs}

Emily said...

I swear, everything Elsie does is awesome. She is so talented. How much of her work do you have now? You have some of her best stuff!

I agree with you about looking forward to fall.... I'm tired of the heat and loving this cooler weather...

Take care!

This Must be the Place . . . said...

Love the ACEOs; hate the heat. It sucks big giant ***. Yay for fall.


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