Monday, August 31, 2009

so yeah, im like this hard core soccer mom now. true story. like as in *team mom*, soccer mom, chicky. like overnight i became a mama to a soccer dude, a school going rock star and sooner than later a mama to a dancing queen,,, ~ confession ~ i love it. this is what being a mom is all about {to me at least}. ive deiced that,,,,,
a} i need mom clothes. yeah, i went to daniels first day of orientation wearing a simple dress only to realize that getting up and down off the carpet is a difficult task wearing a what i thought to be basic plain black dress from target. operation find mom clothes without loosing my cool is in full effect. i think i just need some more shorts. the same rules i just explained apply for soccer as well. need shorts, cute one of course ;-)
b} i wanted something rad to keep my lip gloss, celly and camera in without lugging my purse with me every time i get outta the car for soccer or school. solution,,,,

this rad wristlet from glamour damaged. i got the last one of these babies ~ but this one is pretty rad too,,,, and at eighteen bucks ~ c'mon,,,
i like this little shoppe and wanted to share,,,,
hopefully this will solve my problems,,, now to find some mom clothes,,,, :-)
love, ally


Maggi said...

Very cool bag! I've found my mom attire is jeans and v-neck t-shirt. lol Good luck shopping!

Sorry I'll miss your Halloween swap! :(

Sweet Escape said...

dude that wristlet is rad!!! will work perfect for on the go!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pouches! The only thing I loathe about soccer is the saturday morning games!

Toni said...

I love, love, love her stuff at Glamour Damaged ,,, and have been so tempted lately to get something really rad. Just haven't done it yet!! But seeing your post is pushing me in that direction!!! LOL

PaperCameraScissor said...

awesome find!!

Euphoria said...

OMG, this wristlet ROCKS!!! Love that mix tape fabric!!

Emily said...

This is great! Love the wristlet!

This Must be the Place . . . said...

Ann Taylor Loft. I get mom clothes there.


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