Thursday, August 13, 2009

hip, hip hooray!!! love the pink ninjas ~ right?? dont cha?? i do ~ i do!!! here is my take on the newest prompt that went up yesterday,,, *dudes*,,, sooooo,, you gonna play along?? yes?? you are?? perfect. cant wait!!!! glad we had this conversation,,, p.s.,,, ive been at 49 followers for like a long time now,,, somebody make it 50!!! pleeeease :-) haha,,, kinda funny,,, right?? or lame and totally desperate?!?!!? if you think the second, then do me a favor and forget i ever mentioned it... :-) love youuuuuuuuuu!!!!
p.s., p.s. soooo excited to play with this girl tonight!!!

oh yeah ~ p.s., p.s., p.s. ~ {guess i wasnt ready to go ~ huh??},,, transparency atc swap?? still waiting on one via mail,,, just so you know i havent dropped the ball. promise. :-)))))
love you, love ally


Anonymous said...

Make that 50 followers!

Toni said...

Gurllll ,,, Love your page!!! You creative lil monkey, you!!!!

Sweet Escape said...

ooohhh yeaa!! you made it to 50!!!..king of the castle, king of the castle!!! your layout by the way!!!..i'm loving the lucha libre flair!!!..oh!..and it's on tonight!!!

ally serrato said...

meghan ~ yay!!!! thank you soooooo much!! you made my week!! :-)
toni ~ thank youuuu!!
nely ~ cant wait to see you!!!

Euphoria said...

YAY, you made 50!! Lucky lady you!

love your LO- the felty stuff is super cool with the stars!

Maggi said...

Awesome layout, I just love using punchinella!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh,ooooh, make that Fifty-one baby!


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