Wednesday, August 12, 2009

this is rad,,, im {as you may or may not have caught on to},,, crazy for the atcs. yeah, i know. totally a surprise, right?? anyway, im also {you may or may not know this either},,, but a tad bit crazy about being a part of the pink pineapple team, group whatever you wanna call it. soooooo,,,, im now going to be hosting atc swaps at pink pineapple. yeah, i know, rad right?? the first one is alice in wonderland theme. similar rules apply, we create twelve. the atcs are due to pink by the ninth of september. we will meet the following thursday {the sixteenth of september} at 6:30 and i pass out the swapped atcs and ohhh and ahhhh over everybodys creations. there is a charge for this one, because im creating these rad little alice in wonderland theme boxes for us to keep our swapped atcs in. cute. right?? or no?? i think yes. :-) we havent started sign ups yet, but we will by friday. im only taking eleven and these babies fill up wicked fast yo!!! hooray for atcs!!! oh yeah, its gonna be $12.00. not bad right??
oh, totally dont forget to check out the newest prompt on the pink ninjas,,, mine will be up here manana,,,
love you, love ally


PaperCameraScissor said...

awesome little boxes!! Where did you find your Alice emebellies?

Euphoria said...

dude, that box ROCKS!! LOVE it!! I love this theme SO much!!

NICE miss ally!!

Sweet Escape said...

Dude!!..the box is super rad yo!!! it!!!

Toni said...


Maggi said...

What a great idea! Love those boxes too!


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