Wednesday, September 23, 2009

go figure, the layout i despise {maybe the very most}, was on top of my blog for who knows how many days,,, but I'm not gonna dwell on it. i can't. i won't. hi. im here, and YES, i am alive. thank you to those of you that looked for me, and even sent emails wondering if i was okay. i really, REALLY appreciate it. thank YOU. i know i never said it out loud, but i did tell myself i would blog everyday for a whole year. and secretly, you counted on it too. well, crap, i got so close. can i have a little credit for the 261 days i made it?? i missed a few days, and i gotta be honest, it felt alright. so now, yeah, im still gonna blog like crazy, totally not going anywhere, i need you too desperately. but now, since i suck and didn't make my own personal cut, ill be blogging as i feel. sometimes, i just didnt feel like blogging, but i did, because i promised i would. well, promises will be broken, bridges will burn and life will go on. im pretty sure you are already over it and ready to move on with me,,, so let's get on with it,,, my life about six weeks ago changed like crazy, crazy,,, i would come, go, stay, leave, play, relax, dream, create,,, anything. whatevers me and my kiddos felt like doing that day. then, it started,,, soccer, tap, ballet, soccer *team* mom, room mama, oh yeah, and lets not forget the most important - school!!!
ive learned -
*moments like this are hard to explain, they feel so good.
*mousie mousie is even more important to me than i thought {and i thought that she was really important to begin with}.
*im having a hard time being a crutch for others, as im struggling with standing on my own two feet at the moment as it is,,,
*watching your four year old dude score a goal at his soccer game might be the greatest feeling in the whole wide world {i cried}
*that my friends are rocks. and now i get it, because they are there when you hit them, rock bottom. they are like little pieces of padding waiting to soften your blow, to make it more cozy.
*i live ever so close to americas finest city, and i have taken it for granted. big time.
*that a simple day trip with an amazing girlfriend can help you feel so happy and cozy on the inside
*that i, too, am guilty of being wrapped up in random, really not so important *things* like the internet,, well, make that *a thing*
*and yes, when all else fails, i do recommend you to listen to lady gaga ~ *just dance*
wanna hear something else?? this hot chick and i are picking our design team tonight!!! were so excited!!! cant wait!!
thank you, for being my friend.
love you, love ally*son joy


PaperCameraScissor said...

i figured life has you busy. I missed reading your blog ok stalk :)

glad to see you back --good luck tonight!

Christina said...

wheeeeee!! your back LOL!! Life does take away from blogging =)

mom said...

Ahhh, life is good, Ally's back.
Love, Mom

Heidi said...


you just put how i've felt about my life over the last couple months into words. reading it was like, how the hell did she get into my head??

i think you are where i'm at...your oldest starting K. i swear i had NO IDEA how much work and mentally exhausting it would be. and he's starting baseball next month. and my little girl started preschool a couple months ago, too. and i'm looking to put her into dance. and there's homework, and room mom, and "art masterpiece" mom (whatever the hell that is...i signed up for it and they just sent me the info today), and playdates, and birthday parties, and did i mention the damn flood of homework a kindergartener has???, and...and...and...

and even though i'm so loving every minute of it and can't soak up enough, sometimes i just want to play with some paper and even get angry when i can't exactly when i want.

so, what i'm trying to say is...i'm feelin' ya!! sometimes it's just nice to know someone else understands, (especially someone else with a paper addiction, which VERY few people seem to "get", which crazes me even more), even if they are hundreds of miles away and can't do anything physical for you. ~virtual hugs~

sorry to hog so much of your comment space.


MY Creative Brightside said...

awwww ally i love your blog!! you are a rockstar mom and an amazing scrapbooker and you always always always inspire me Thanks for that!!! hold in there and scrap the stress away orrr your could go to the batting cages thats what i always do lol muah you rock


Emily said...

Hey Ally,

I am where you are right now too. Everything has just gotten so hectic. For a while I was so wrapped up in so much other stuff that all of the good, away from the internet, was passing me by.

Just so you know, you are so completely adored and loved by so many of us who know you only through your blog and various other internet forums. You are uber talented, funny, sweet, and a doll to know. I always wish that I could come out there and meet you sometime soon... you and all the other Pink Pineapple gals!

Take care, love you!


Becky said...

Oh my gosh! Those are so sweet!

Gloria said...

You are crazy special..You are oober talented...You are a the kind of girl you just cant wait to be around...and then again you are is funny and not so funny just know as you ride it out you are not alone...We are there dude holding your hand..I am just a phone call away anytime...loveyou G...


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