Friday, October 30, 2009

geeeezzzz,,, where the heck have i been huh?? man, between life and a iphone that bit the dust on wednesday, i feel, well, lost,,,, anyway, ive got lots to share, but of course ill only share bits at a time,,, gotta give you a little bit at a time, yes?? for starters, my second prompt for the guest designer spot over at candy shoppe designs went up wednesday. *big ego* was the prompt, and because i felt like a bad ass when i went to the shooting range for my birthday, i wanted to use these pictures,,, so here it is,,, *bad ass bitch* {sorry mom ~ shes not so much a fan of the naughty words, i, on the other hand, find myself using them from time to time,,, ahem, ahem,,,}
ill be back manana,,,
love you, love ally


Sweet Escape said...

rad layout girly!!~~i miss seeing your posts!!!

Christina said...

I saw this over there yesterday and loved it!! great pics!
p.s glad you are back =)

Emily said...

Sweet... totally you! Love it!

Emily said...

Sweet... totally you! Love it!

Heidi said...

very bad ass!!! awesome!

twistedsoda said...

you are one bad ass bitch! Love it!


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