Thursday, October 22, 2009

this week at the pink ninjas the challenge is *skin marks* ~ however you take that, it could be birth marks, tattoos, beauty marks, scars,,, any of the above,,, i, of course, went with my favorite tattoo :-), i am starting to feel a bit sad for the rest of the art my body rocks on an everyday, for the rest of my life basis,,, maybe ill do another layout, or two, or three,,, errrr,,, maybe more ;-) there always time,,,, here is mine,,, *inked*
i love tattoos, do you have any?? i really, really wanna hear about them. please?? ;-)
love, ally


Pearl said...

love that create tattoo , Ally ! wouldnt mind seeing the rest too !

no tattoo stories for you here I'm afraid ! ;)

sarah said...

such an adorable tattoo... i hate needles, so i totally couldn't get one. lol...


Christina said...

I love the "create" ally! I have thought about getting it too in the same spot before I even became a ninja and started "hangin'" with you all=)

Euphoria said...

I love how you took the photo behind some Elsie art- sweet touch!!

Rad LO missy!

Anonymous said...

no tattoos for me yet. I want one, but it will probably be a little while before i get it.


Gloria said...

I love it..

Anonymous said...

This rocks, awesome job girl!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Love love love your lo!!! I just had a pic printed just for this challenge--I can't wait to get started on it tomorrow.

BTW---thanks so much for the little surprise in my mail box. I received my ATC's today I love being surprised---: ) I love all of them!

LynneForsythe said...

Awesome layout Ally....and no I don't have a tat...if I was to get one it would wrap around my ankle and over the top of my foot...I think about it but will probably never get it!!1

Emily said...

Such a kick ass tattoo. Love it so much, and the layout rocks!

I actually have two tat's... one on my ankle and one on my lower back. A butterfly with tribal on my back and the ankle one is a dragonfly. Both very colorful. I also have a couple of piercings as well... and plan on getting some more tats. Love them!

Heidi said...

I absolutely LOVE this layout! Of course, when DON'T I love an Ally layout??!!

I have a crescent moon with the kanji for "strength" on my arm.

I want another one to go on the other arm, something commemorating my kids...the moon was done BK (before kids). I also would LOVE to get a stars tat on my foot a la Twisted Soda. That is so rockin'!

Luv ya girly!!

p.s. who's the adorable little squishy faced pup on facebook??


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