Friday, November 27, 2009

candy shoppe designs and the pink ninjas traded their design teams!!! yup, traded them,,, really, if you want the truth, the ninja masters actually hi-jacked the candy shoppe designs design team, but were trying to keep that on the down low,,, dont wanna scare anybody!!! so for the candy shoppe designs prompt, it was bold & beautiful. check out the prompt for all the specifics,,, here is mine,,, *mother of the year, strikes again*,,, and please, keep in mind, im such a hard core soccer mom partier girl that his picture is, sadly, a year and a half old, really, im all talk, i dont get out like this,,, much,,, but it was a fun night this picture was taken, my husbands high school reunion,,,

love, ally


Christina said...

LMAO!!! the title is freakin' awesome!!

Maggi said...

lol Too cool! I love the cherries!

tamari* said...

such a cute LO!


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