Saturday, November 28, 2009

for the second part of the candy shoppe designs slash ninja hi-jacking,,, us ninjas put out a prompt for the candy shoppe design girly girls,,, a three part prompt ~ alter ego meets splatter meets pink alphas. wanna know how rad i am?? i am rad for two reasons, ready?? one, i didnt even follow our own guide lines,,, totally didnt use pink alphas, which you probably wouldnt have noticed had i not just pointed it out,,, second reason i rock, errrr, i mean, suck,,, i used the same picture. i actually totally knew i was doing that, but still having these posts so close together, i wanted to point out that yes ~ printing wallet sized photos and trying my very hardest to stay away from waste is causing duplicate photos being used in layouts,,, but again, its kinda fun. you should try it, see how different {or the same} the layout turns out,,, my alter ego, *room mom* & *rock star* ;-) good things,,,,
love, ally


Maggi said...

lol Love the school paper with the animal print!

Heidi said...

This is so awesome! I totally know where you're coming from.


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