Monday, March 1, 2010

ta~dahhhhh!!!! alllllll set!!!,,, i spent my last few days getting ready for the update,,, so my blog got a tad bit neglected,,
but, i think everything is right where i want it for now. this is my new cute grab button. i love it sooo much!!! i hope you do too,,, and i hope you rock it on your blog :-) if you do, please lemme know, ill add you to my list of *friends of ally* :-)
love, ally


Emily said...

This button is TOTALLY grabbed!!! Love it!!!

twistedsoda said...

you know I couldn't resist putting this little cassette on my blog. Not only because its so damn cool but because it links you to me! (hearts)

Gloria said...

Ally .. I love you new blog looks great and Love it...dude I am stealing intenet right now..I love the allyson joy cassette ...sweeeetttt...I miss ally and I will be home sat or sunday....hugs me

Heidi said...

so love this little cassette! got you hooked up on my sidebar!!!!!


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