Tuesday, March 2, 2010

yay for march!!!! weve been dying to share with you our march kit and the new additions to our cute little kit club. we now are offering an add on kit as well as ninja bit {which sold out already},,, here are the *ninja bits* for carousel,,,
its a cute little somethin somethin extra to add to your shopping cart, priced pretty low, just in case you wanna use a few more bits from the kit,,,

then there is the add on kit. i love this. sooooo excited!!! *wind it up* goes perfect with the *carousel* kit. heres a shot of that baby,,,,
and of course, there is the main kit. *carousel* this kit is precious!!!! ive had a killer time creating layout after layout using this kit.
and since im running outta time,,, {gotta go be the room mom today in the dudes class} there is always a ton more information here,,, love you!! have a great day,,,
love, ally


Emily said...

SOLD, SOLD and SOLD!! Got all three and cant wait to play!!! Love this kit!!! Such a perfect one for my dancing daughter!!

Maggi said...

So darling! I hope to get some Pink Ninja kit goodness soon!

Gloria said...

Ok so I have the kit here with me in colorado and hloy sh-t...dude this is the raddest kit I have ever worked with..I cant wait to show you ... i am working with the essentials so I had to get a paper cutter today ..hello gloria.....I love miss ally

Inkster said...

beeeeooodeeefullll!!!! LOVES IT!!!
Miss you too chica!!!I feel so far away from the scrapping world ahhh!


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