Monday, August 9, 2010

were here,,, and having oh so much fun!!! and im really, really excited that i have internet in the room!!! yip~pee!!! wanted to say hi and thanks for all the sweet comments!!! {hi mom}
yeah, check out my friend, matts t-shirt,,, are you kidding me?? of course im having a good time!!!


Rockwell5 said...

Wow! Blogging from the Dominican Republic...nice...have fun girlie! PS~Ricardo needs that shirt!

mom said...

Hi Miss Joy--Your kids have been pure angels, I'm so serious. Sofia slept by me last night, we totally share a pillow (she likes to be nice and close, and I love it). We're going to go for a walk in about five minutes, then to the pool, we want to see Ramona and Beezus either today or tomorrow. I'll send pictures (I guess on facebook), so make sure you check. Write when you can.
I'm happy knowing you're having fun. Say hi to Cardo for me.
Love, Mom


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