Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a little betsey johnson love for you on this wednesday morning,,, one day, when i grow up, im gonna shop at betsy johnson and it wont hurt really, really badly when i pay for my new clothes,,, you know, because im gonna win the lottery that ive never played,,, ;-)
a total classic,,, this would get a lot of use in my life,,, i love dresses,,, wear em a lot, a lot,,, and this one is a pure beauty,,,
a little army green number with a revolver never hurt anybody,,, and never looked so cute for that matter either!!! ill take one of these,,, please??
hello jade floral dress thats from my dreams,,, i love you,,, you are oh so pretty,,,
seriously?? who else can pull off a feedbag dress and make me wanna wear it?!?! love,,,,
i, like, love, this dress i it adore for so many reasons, from the tattoo print to the 80s style

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