Tuesday, September 14, 2010

soccer season is in full force,,, and although im wicked busy,,, i la~la~la~LOVE soccer season!!! i am team mom for both teams this year, this is my girl babys first year, and my little mans second. i love it. we have pictures coming up this saturday, and i gotta admit, i think thats my favorite part!!! so here is the banner i created online for daniels team,,, he is the blue sharks,,, and just wait till you see what sofias team is,,,
yep ~ you got it!!! the pink ninjas baby!!! i was even able to incorporate our pink ninja addicts logo into the banner,,, uh, amazing right??
before the season started, we {meaning *i* put this all together,,, pretty much},,, i encouraged a really good friend of ours, who happened to assistant coach the dudes first soccer season, and his girl baby was going to play, so i encouraged him to be the main coach, and i also threw out what a great idea itd be for my hubby to assistant coach,,, and i made it very, very clear, that mark {the head coach} was to settle for no jersey other then pink. no exceptions. no excuses. and i told him that i already had the girls name picked out. he asked, i told him, and he loved it!!! its so rad ~ right?!?! so, its great, *the pink ninjas* are playing teams such as *the butterflies* and *the lady bugs*, hey, those are cute names and all,,, but really?? whos gonna win the game against a ninja?!?! so far, nobody has,,, alright, enough of my mama bragging,,, sometimes i just beam with pride when it comes to my kids,,, and when i say sometimes, i really mean, like, all the time,,,
so this is what my life is looking like,,,
soccer balls and adorable hair bows that i created for the girls. some moms are still learning *me*, *ally*,,, the whole ninja thing was strange to them at first, and the snake print ribbon in the hair bows has yet to grow on some of the moms of the ninjas on the team,,, but all in all,,, its how i do,,, and eventually, ill win them all over, one by one, i promise ;-)
just had to share my latest,,,


Amanda said...

Those are adorable. I kind of wish I was a young girl playing soccer so I could get one!

The Mama Monster said...

OMG I can't wait til Rylee is old enough to play soccer!!! I love that your daughter's team is the Pink Ninjas!!!! Adorable!


Heidi said...

oh are you KIDDING me??!!! this is awesome!!!!!!! what is wrong with these mamas who don't get the whole ninja, snake print thing??!!!! that's gold, baby! great job!


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