Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my picks this week for betsey johnson wish i could add it to my closet but will never be able to afford so instead i pretend to shop with you by my side collection,,,
this is insane how freaking cute it is!!! i la~la~la~love it!!!! yes, please?? pretty please?? big, huge *SIGH*,,,, i really, really want this number,,,
and i love this, but even better, my kids would love it if i rocked this. they alone motivate me to shop with my better half in mind, my child side that i still cant seem to find the desire or the need to shake off,,, and i would totally rock it to the zoo, or wild animal park that we visit oh so often,,,
i loved the dress, i love tattoos, so of course i adore the tee,,,
and if the dress wont work, i can always go with the tee shirt option,,, equally as cute,,,

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