Thursday, September 2, 2010

there was a prompt for candy shoppe designs to use animal print. uh, easy, for me, at least. animal print has been a staple in my life since high school, especially in, well everything!!! i love me some animal print. this is such a fun picture of me when i took all my brides maids wine tasting a few weeks before the big day!!! love, love wine tasting, im sure this past weekend will produce some fun layouts, the photos are priceless, thats for sure!!!! here is my take on the animal print challenge, which was no challenge at all,,, here is *the bride*, the classy bride, might i add,,, ;-)


Gloria said...

Hey Alli..welcome back to blogging I missed you...I left a post for you on mine....G

Mo said...

oohhhhh...i love luv luuuuurve it!

Emily said...

Hehe.... this is great. I totally snickered seeing it. Something me and my friends would do.


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