Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i love long weekends. ive said from the giddy up, we would be way better of with shorter work weeks and longer weekends, agreed?? totally,,,
my plans for the week,,,
*soccer practice {like, every day}
*soccer game {saturday}
*hang with some adorable crafty friends sunday
*scrapbook!!! i miss it oh so much,,, ive been making more time for projects as of late, and im feeling it all over again,,, last time i scrapped,,, i, {seriously} forgot what to do,,, so, so sad.
*id like to continue the projects and the updates that i have planned for my etsy shop
*a fun ~ fun ~ fun meeting with my bestie thursday,,, we are ordering product all over again in preparation for 2011,,, ordering is our very favorite part!!!
*get back into a work out routine,, that is a must, must, must!!!
*create some sort of order for this blog, like, weekly post and fun stuffs like that,,, {any fun suggestions??}
*and i cant stop day dreaming of tattoos!!!! *sigh*,,,,
hey nely ~ lets go to a game soon!!! please?!?!
i have som many duties to do,,, i hope i make a dent,,, wish me luck,,, how was your weekend?? i really wanna hear what everyone did,, do share!!!
all images were borrowed from weheartit,, love the inspiration over there,,,


Mo said...

oh wow, the kids were at the in laws so i spaced out watching tv, reading, sitting in the quiet house....aaaaahhhhhhh! sooooooo needed! now i'm refreshed! bring it on monster babies...i'm ready!

he he.....loving the photos!!!!

i'm soooo outta ideas for your blog, missy....if i think of something i'll let u know!


Sweet Escape said...

YES!!!..lets go to a game!!!!,,i soooo needed you tonight!!,,the games are no longer the same without my right handed bestie!!!!,,,,and Im sooooo sad Im not gonna be able to scrapbook on sunday!! :-(((,,,see you thursday!!! :-))))

The Mama Monster said...

dreaming of tattoos? like admiring them or getting them? =) it has been so long since i have been tattooed that i barely remember the painof having to sit still for so long. btw, this is kitty boot weather!!!


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