Tuesday, October 5, 2010

anndddddddddd,,, ACTION!!!! were back, the lollipop girls are back and in action!!! making up for loss time, here is one of the prompts that never got posted from august,,, i wiped the dust off some older photos and gave them a whirl,,, thought it be fun,,, and i have a close up of my broken embellishment,,, i liked this prompt, it was fun,,, here is *bridesmaids*, my take on the challenge,,,


Chantal said...

OMG how super cute is this!!! Love this page and all the little goodies! So sweet!!!

The Mama Monster said...

So freakin cute!!!!


Anonymous said...

'es cue one ;)
why have i never seen that pic?! what other treasures are you hiding in your photo album?
~Big Quita

Anonymous said...

Wow, girl! This layout is fantastic!


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