Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i was checking out the betsey johnson runway spring 2011 line,,, these were my favorites,,, most runway gear, you wouldnt rock in public,,, which would may be the case for most of these,,, or maybe i just need a place to go,,, but in each photo,,, im gonna pass on the *ride me* necklace,,, not really my stilo to rock something like that,,,
okay, the chick riding the skateboard in those heels?? total bonus points!!!
love this,,, just ordered something very similar to it on etsy,,, you know, but it isnt a bathing suit type thing,,, its a dress ;-)
love the dress,, not so much the number on the left,,, just my opinion,,, ;-) but the rain boots are perfect with each outfit, for sure!!!
two way tie for my favorite dress,, this one,,,,
and this one,,, *sigh*,,, these are precious and perfect and lovely,,,
love the dress,,, not so much the business suit outfit,,, again, just my opinion,,, ;-)
awwww,,, a cute little sailor number,,, representing my baby brother ;-)
whoa,,, adorable and bright,,, where was this when i went to prom??
and again, another piece of magic,,, i love this,,,
isnt she just amazing?? love her,,,

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Carrie said...

hi ally : ) i really enjoy checking your blog everyday and seeing all the beautiful things you share!

<3 Carrie


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