Friday, October 22, 2010

because i know i come across as a lover of all things bright, fun and cheerful, it might come as a shock to you that i love dark and almost {i said *almost*} goth inspired photos. i dont dress that way, although, you are more then likely to find me in head to toe black, im not making a statement, im sticking with the *black is slimming* effect, still, i love these looks. its fun. different then what im used to. and i like that. its explains why i love tim burton oh so much. hes dark but his imagination is so child like. his colors are dark, and bright at the same time. his brain must be so much fun to live in. dont you agree?? love him. love his work. but this isnt about tim burton, just a post, for halloween month {because being dark isnt as unusual this month, although i sometimes just feel dark, do you ever??} ~ getting back on track, again.
again, i loved these images from we heart it. and so i wanted to share,,, enjoy,,,


Mom said...

Poor Allyson--I think I deprived you of Halloween when you were growing up (it was a holiday I didn't like), now that you're grown up, with children of your own, you're free to do exactly what you've missed for all those years, and I say do what makes you happy.
Love, Mom

mom said...

I do like the old iron gate, and the rickety old house (I can't imagine how it would feel to be there in person looking at both of those--eerie). I, of course, like the Alice in Wonderland theme (that's my take of the girl in the striped tights), that's probably because I used to have my very own Allyson in Wonderland.
Love, Mom

The Mama Monster said...

I swear we are brother's from another mother!!!! and in reading your mom's comment, we may actually have the same mother!!! hahahaha


Emily said...

I am in love with these shots... esp the old house and those playing cards!!! OMG, I want some of my own.

I, like you didn't experience Halloween as a child, but the reason I didn't, was of because the religion I was raised. Things are totally different now. this is the first year I have really enjoyed it!

Love you!

BTW, I got your totally sweet note in my kit. I blushed then teared up.

Christina said...

I really love that tree one!! very cool. I also love tim burton =)


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