Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i love october and i love betsey johnson ~ how perfect to combine the two. halloween and miss betsey. she did just that,,, and here are my favorite jewelry items,,,
a betsey jack-o-lantern necklace?? yes, please. pretty please.
these earrings with the bats and hearts are precious,,, i love how she always does earrings at two different lengths,,, i used to rock that look forever ago,,, maybe we all did??
i love skulls,,, always have. i have a betsey necklace similar to this beauty, so of course, i love this one as well. mine has more black on it though,,, still, theyre both cute. are fun for halloween,,, although i wear mine year round, wore it to a wedding over the summer. ;-)
more fun un-even length earrings, but with spiders. i love that one is going up and one is heading down,,, fun!!

represents all of the fun items i have fallen in love with. its got the spiders, spider webs, skulls, hearts,,, flowers,,, black!! i love black so much!! and i love bracelets toooooo,,,
so pretty. a black tulip necklace, just for october?? nah,,, another year round piece if you ask me,,,
and finally,,,, this bulky black rose with raven necklace,,, i love the pink rhinestones, of course, but the lips with the fangs hanging off the clasp in the back is such a charming touch,,, loves.


The Mama Monster said...

I must have the skull necklace and the bat earrings!!!!! Love Love Love!

~The Mama Monster

Emily said...

I want that last necklace!!! Tooooo cute!!!!!!!

And I'm totally with you on wearing any of these all year long!!!


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