Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ive been working on her bedroom for some time now. not, like, spending every minute in there. mainly waiting for the perfect pieces to fall in to place. ive been searching thrift stores for the final bits. perfect thrifted pieces are harder to find then brand new perfect pieces. right now, im looking for the perfect recycled nightstands as well as an adorable table and at least one more chair to make a tiny tea party area in her room. and her quilt that im making,,, still working on that as well. but for now, i wanna share my little girl babys bed room. last year my mother in law asked what the kids wanted for christmas, perfect, they want beds. they need toys like a hole in the head, so beds were perfect. i wanted to get her a bed that would last her for all of her elementary,middle and high school years, {even in to collage ~ yikes!!!}, so this is what i fell in love with. and the dresser as well. the vanity was my adorable mother in laws request, she seriously begged me if she could buy it for sofia, uh, yeah. of course you can. {i guess} *wink*. so, here it is,,,
i love everything about her room,,, but my favorite details are those she added all by herself,,, like this,,,
and this,,,
she needs a bed skirt, i know, i know,,,
i think its pretty cute for a four year old angel,,, dont you?!?!


Christina said...

Looks fabulous!!! Instead of a bedskirt you could just use another fitted sheet on the boxsprings instead(or until you find what you want)

Angi @ CokiePop said...

This bedroom is FAB. Love it.

The Mama Monster said...

OMG I want this for my room!!!

~The Mama Monster

Michelle said...

Oh, lovely!! :) I love the turquoise + pink, together! And Elsie's paintings are so sweet for a little girls room! Love it. :)

Emily said...

Can I move in and share a room with her? Puhleese??!! :) Or, you can come to MO and decorate my room!!!


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