Wednesday, December 15, 2010

so many fun things going on right now,,, must share.
first} the newest collage for nvs is up. isnt it amazing?? i swear lynnette has got it going on,,, shes beautiful, inside and out,,, talented like crazy,, and keeps not one, but three challenge blogs going. im so blessed to know her and call her my friend. her is the newest collage over at nvs,,,
and this challenge is sponsored by candy shoppe designs {yes, she runs that as well},,, here is the nvs prize pack,,,
and speaking of candy shoppe designs,,, the newest challenge is up and waiting for your take,,, superhero,,, play with us!!!
and that challenge is also sponsored by candy shop designs,,, here is the prize pack,,,
and i might have, ahem, *leaked* a photo on my tumblr of the january kit. its so amazing, i couldnt help it. i love it!!!!
three??} im so excited for my weekly meeting with my adorable bestie. i love seeing her. it feels good. and im going to vegas this weekend with her as well, to celebrate her 31st birthday!!!!! yip~pee!!! dont forget to wish her a happy birthday this sunday!!!
more} and this might come as a total shocker,,, our christmas tree is pink. yep, PINK. its perfect and im stoked on it!!!! and its 100% perfect decorated by my kids,,, hence the air freshener,,,
last} i found these great vases at home goods,,, and i love the peacock feathers in them,,, dont they look rad?? i love peacock feathers,,, and i love how this turned out,, just a tid bit from our bathroom *in process* make over,,,
i hope all is well,,, id love some updates or exciting news,,, i havent been around online much. lemme know if im missing something good!!!


PaperCameraScissor said...

I love peacock feathers too. I also love the vases. Jealous of your pink tree. I have a white one =) maybe i could spray paint it heehee.

I swear there's a little boy that is a twin of your little boy. The little boy( model) is on the front of a play house box. As soon as I seen the boy i thought of your son.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pink tree! I saw some clearance at Walmart yesterday and was trying to justify the purchase but I already have 7 trees and figured hubby would kill me! Hope the fam had a Merry Christmas!!

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

Just found the Nerdy Girls blog - loving it!


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