Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hi there. its 2011 and ive been absent for a bit. sorry. lets start all over, thats what you do in the new year, right?? hi. im ally,, or allyson,, or allyson joy. whatever youd like. i am a mama of two adorable kids {daniel & sofia} and they make me oh so happy. i have a handsome husband that is addicted to golf, like i am to my adhesive and pattern paper. i dont have free time, so in my *im being selfish me time* {which i think is great for all moms and wives to do}, i scrapbook. prior to soccer {both kids play}, dance {for sofia}, gymnastics {for sofia}, horse back riding lessons {also for the same princess}, and t-ball {both kids} i had time for myself more often, in 2009 i got very, very close to accomplishing my goal of scrapbooking 365 layouts in one year. i got close. last year i only scrapbooked 63,,, hence, my children and their sports. but they have my heart first,,, they are the reason i started scrapping in the first place, five years ago. i have a best friend. two of them actually and i often wonder why i couldnt have met them sooner. especially my partner in crime nely.
at the risk of sounding like a hallmark card, i love her oh so much. she is perfect to me and i really do wish i had met her sooner. we enjoy all the same things like going to concerts, riding bikes, scrapbooking, drinking, going to padre games, laughing, screaming, dancing, going to vegas and being totally random together. nely, love you long time. about two and a half years ago, nely and i created a pink ninja nation. we started with the inspiration blog, *the pink ninjas* which led to our newest addiction, the *pink ninja addicts* our adorable monthly kit club that totally rocks. seriously, its killer. and i have to admit, our line up of guest designers is insane. only the best. honest. we are of our pink ninja nation. sadly, we recently let the pink ninjas {inspiration blog} go. we are just too, too busy. it was time. we were ready to move on. our newest addiction, *glitter in the air* was released january first and its amazing {if i do say so myself}
aside from the listed above, i have many crushes which include my three adorable puppies; hank ~ english bulldog,
logan ~ english mastiff
and jack ~ a pug.
i love pink, all shades. i turn to we ♥ it for inspiration
as well as well as polyvore.
i am a nerd over at NVS and a lollipop girl over at candy shop designs. i feel so blessed to be on these teams. i think theyre amazing, as well as the rest of the members that i stand amongst and of course lynette, the creator.
im impulsive & loud. sensitive and i talk a lot. i recently became a hard core *gleek* {loooooove it}
im a soccer mom, team mom, room mom and rock star mom. my kids are amazing and perfect {and i know you would agree ;-) } im in love with etsy, betsey johnson
and victorias secret PINK. im super girly but love to roll with the boys and be tough. i love smiling, smiling is my favorite. i love halloween and think most things goth are rad. im drawn to bright colors and again, pink. i love reggae, like a lot, a lot. i wear mostly vans, reef flip flops and doc martens and as of late, uggs. im a total creature of habit. i stick to what i know and what i love. im scared to death of heights and garbage disposals. i love art work by low key artists. im addicted to animal print and i love tattoos. i think hello kitty is oh so cute, ive loved her since i was a little tike. im a catholic. i went to fashion school {fidm} and cosmetology school just to learn that i didnt wanna have anything to do with the fashion industry, and that i dont wanna do hair. im happy with my job as a mama, wife and ninja master. i gotta go now,, my little man needs orange slices and a glass of water. to those that have followed my blog for a bit now, thank you for rolling with me through all stages and phases of my life. hearing your comments and knowing youre there keeps me going. i really appreciate it. oh, and since i havent been online for, like, ever, i am 757 blog posts behind on my google reader account. im just gonna clear it out, and start all over. fresh starts are good and make my shoulders feel a lot lighter. love you. i really do. youre rad.


twistedsoda said...

you are such a busy bee. Do you ever get any rest. But thats just like you a sexykitten multitasker! and I love you to peices!!!

Sweet Escape said...

Ahhhh!!! me LOVE you LONG time!!! You are most favorite ever!! LOVE you lots and lots!!! And I know I've told you this before, but you are a freaking AMAZING mother!! you rule!! and your kiddos are perfect!! I love them so much!! they are so RAD!!! love you lady!!! see you Friday!!! eeek!!!

Rockwell5 said...

Hi Ally! What happened to Mother of the Year? Missing it...

Hey...I tried to print my blog through Blog2Book but it wouldn't upload...too much data? What do you suggest?

Khristen said...

*love* the new kit...amazing isn't even the word. Hoping to score me one soon!

MY Creative Brightside said...

hey ally! IM so happy to see everything is going well and your up to blogging again. Whether you know it or not you and your blogging helped inspire me to start my blog. When we met along time ago at Pink Pineapple and exchanged all the atc's. I look to you for inspiration and i always find it!! Keep up the awesome work rock star!

Emily said...

Oh Ally... how I have missed you!! So nice to meet you.... again! I love reading about your loves. You are so passionate about what you love... mostly your children, which I LOVE!! You are truly an inspiration to all mommas and crafters out there!! You ROCK!!


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