Thursday, January 20, 2011

keeping up with my instax 52 project,,, here is my third crush,,, {i havent scrapped my second yet},,, i have the biggest, BIGGEST crush on in-n-out,,, its bad. especially considering i wanna wear one {or more} of those suits listed below,,, not to mention, we are competing for the biggest loser at my daughters pre-school right now,, week two. but alas, i do love me some in-n-out animal style fries and grilled cheese with extra lettuce, {i typically stay away from red meat,, cant really stand the stuff},,, here is my last in-n-out for a while {sad, sad, sad face}, but i thought that when i went there, since i was in the midst of the competition, id throw that pig october afternoon card on there,, since i felt like a piggie,,, ;-) and i used the july addiction, *toast and bananas* as well as the add on kit *sunny afternoon*. here is *in-n-out*


MY Creative Brightside said...

i love the colors you used. You make eating in-n-out girly lol and i loooove the adorable pig card!!

Just Me :) said...

mmmmmmmm, in n out grilled cheese! YES PLEASE!!!! :)~


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